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Welcome to Hangerbee

We've been making clothing preservation easy since 2014. Our signature padded hangers are hand-assembled to make sure they are perfectly padded for preservation, storage, and display.

Our products are preferred by museums, textile conservators, and boutiques around the world. All Hangerbee products are heirloom safe, so you can be confident knowing that your clothing will be properly preserved for many years to come.

We offer hangers in eight sizes and a variety of colors, as well as Padded Hanger Kits, garment bags, preservation supplies, and more.

Because if a garment is important to you, it’s important to us.

The Story of Hangerbee

It all started with a WWI Uniform.

Then another. And another.

Museum consultant and Hangerbee founder Lindsey Smith worked "behind-the-scenes" at dozens of museums during her early career. As she walked through aisles of museum artifacts, one thing kept sticking out. Many garments - including century-old WWI uniforms - were being stored on ill-fitting wire hangers. Museums had no easy solution to this big problem. There was no affordable, museum-quality, padded hanger available to purchase.

Thin hangers and hangers made from non-archival materials can cause a lot of damage. Lindsey knew she had to do something. So, she developed her own line of museum-quality padded hangers and made sure they would be accessible to all. As Hangerbee grows, we continue to work hard to keep quality up and costs down.

Remembering a Legend

Watch Good Morning America's coverage of the André Leon Talley exhibition at Christie's (featuring many Hangerbee hangers.)

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Our Customers

National Air and Space Museum | Christie's | Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas | Gerald Ford Presidential Museum | National WWII Museum | Colonial Williamsburg Foundation | Garde Robe by UOVO Fine Arts | Rhode Island School of Design | Peabody Essex Museum | Savannah College of Design | Lauren Manoogian | Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre | Texas Tech Museum | Spurlock Museum | Cranbrook Center | Gregg Museum of Art & Design | George C. Marshall’s Dodona Manor | Pioneer Air Museum | Hearst Center for the Arts | Butterworth Center | and dozens more

"Your hangers are so important to us. Seriously. They save the collection from being destroyed. We are so thankful we found them."

- Lauren Manoogian, Fashion Designer

"The hangers are great - a perfect, affordable option. Thank you!"

- Rhode Island School of Design

"We are really happy with the product."

- Peabody Essex Museum

"Top notch preventive conservation tool for your historic wardrobe and costume collections. Those I purchased years ago are helping preserve First Lady Betty Ford's gowns and daily attire. I highly recommend this product."

- James D.

"This is a great company, with quality products, and 100% fit my need for preservation-quality hangers without a huge price tag."

- Leslie M.

"We love the hangers and use them all the time for our very special garments."

- Stand Up Comedy Too, Clothing Boutique

"Hangerbee has THE best hangers if you're in the market. These are what we use to safely hang our knits in store."

- Whistle Club, Clothing Boutique

"Thank you so much for offering this hanger! We had a chasuble cutsom made for our Rector's ordination and this will be perfect for its transport to the ceremony and storage afterwards!"

- Mary

"Wonderfully plush large hangers! Beautiful craftsmanship! I'm delighted!"

- Michael

"If you care about your clothes, you will buy these hangers!"

- Beverly

"Impeccable quality! It looked exactly as
pictured, if not better and exceeded my expectations!"

- Amy

"Great products and easy to put together! Had a great time with my volunteers at our "hanger bee". These hangers will
be a great addition to our museum for storage and display of garments!"

- Kate

"Gorgeous garment bag, exactly what I needed to house my lovely full length shearling coat! Beautifully manufactured."

- Michael

"These hangers are excellent, I am a bigger person and they fill the shoulders just right."

- Linda

"These are wonderful hangers for special clothing . I wish I had room to hang everything on one of these!"

- Vivienne

What is a "Hanger Bee"?

What is a "Hanger Bee"?

A "Hanger Bee" brings people together. It’s an easy way to preserve clothing. And it’s also a lot of fun!

Our DIY Kits help museum volunteers and staff have a good time together while assembling artifact-safe padded hangers for their much-loved garments.

Our name was inspired by the Quilting Bee, a popular 19th century social event that brought women together to work on quilting projects.

Learn More

How to Pad a Hanger

Go behind the scenes with us to watch our not-so-secret assembly process.

"LOVE THESE!!!! Cannot wait to see how my coworkers will react! By this point in our careers we may have blacked-out the board. Truthful, witty, perfect!"

- Meg

"These are adorable--I can't wait to share them with my museum friends!"

- Etsy Customer

"This is perfect and adorable! Crisp, clear design and not too big to pin on a lanyard. Perfect gift for a museum coworker!"

- Etsy Customer

"I absolutely love ALL of the stickers on here, but I had to buy multiples of these so I could send them to our sister museums as well! It's the summer of deaccessioning those 20+ pump organs that just keep coming!"


"This pin is perfect for all museum/preservation/archive/conservation nerds. 10/10 would absolutely purchase again. It’s a great gift for friends and coworkers!"

- Liz

"This shop is one of my favourites for museum nerd stuff. This pin is no exception. If you get it, you get it. If not, it sparks a fun conversation with visitors. 10/10"

- Meg

"Fantastic pin! Well-made and I love having an unspoken way to identify myself to other collections folks! Highly recommend."

- Veronica

"I’m obsessed with this pin! It’s the perfect size to go on a jacket, hat or bag and is great for all museum/preservation professionals."

- Etsy Customer

"I was delighted to have found this great little pin! I think I'll have to explain the meaning a lot, but to talk about textiles will be a pleasure! Thank you!"

- Melissa

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