Padded Hangers (wood)

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Hangerbee hangers are museum-quality padded hangers for the long-term preservation of historic garments.

Extra-Small 2 1/2H x 12L x 3 1/2W

Small: 8H x 11L x 3 1/2W

Medium: 9 1/2H x 15 1/2W x 3 1/2W

Large: 10H x 17L x 3 1/2W

Measurements in inches

Our wood hangers with chrome swivel hook are padded using acid-free, museum-quality materials including polyethylene padding and 100% polyester, needle-punched batting. Our hangers are wrapped in 100% cotton stockinette (natural color) OR in your choice of eight colors of polyester stockinette.

Please note: the wood hangers have a short neck and a flatter silhouette than the shaper hangers.

Each Hangerbee hanger is padded by hand. Therefore, no hanger will be exactly alike and there may be small imperfections. Hangerbee strives to create a stable, affordable and streamlined product that you can trust.