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Padded Hanger Combo Set (3, shaper)

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This listing is for three hangers.

Hangerbee hangers are museum-quality, "archival" padded hangers for historic and/or important garments.

What is included: One 12", one 15" and one 17" polypropylene "shaper" hanger with chrome swivel hook.

Each hanger is padded using acid-free, museum-quality materials including polyethylene padding and 100% polyester, needlepunched batting. Each hanger is double-wrapped in 100% cotton stockinette.

The small is suitable for hang-able children's garments and other small clothing items. The medium is perfect for women's wear including bodices, day dresses and blazers. The large is perfect for military jackets, outerwear and hang-able gowns and wedding dresses.

Hangerbee takes the stress out of basic clothing storage and preservation. We help you save time and money by researching and sourcing appropriate materials, and by buying, preparing and producing affordable padded hangers in bulk. Using Hangerbee’s unique designs, we create perfectly padded hangers in multiple sizes.

Due to inflation and supply shortages, we had to raise our prices in January, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience. On the plus side, we now double wrap each hanger, which greatly increases its quality!

Please Note: Each Hangerbee hanger is padded by hand. Therefore, no hanger will be exactly alike and there may be small imperfections. Hangerbee strives to create a stable, affordable and streamlined product that you can trust.