We are Makers and we Pad Hangers

We are Makers and we Pad Hangers

Here at Hangerbee, we consider ourselves Makers. We pad and sew our products by hand, and even though we strive for a streamlined product line, each hanger is, by default, a little unique. However, we want to make sure our products are consistent and the high-quality items you have come to expect. So before we launch new products, we do an obsessive amount of R&D, to make sure we’re able to provide you with the best of the best. Seriously. I never knew I would spend so much time designing hangers. Life can be strange sometime, amiright?

Anyway… how DO you make a padded hanger?

Well, how to pad a Hangerbee hanger is not a company secret. In fact, if you’ve purchased one of our Hangerbee Hanger Kits, you’ve had a chance to make them yourselves! Our kits come with a photo-filled instruction guide to help you make perfectly padded hangers at work or home. We want to make our products as accessible as possible, and our kits have been a great way to do that.


But in case you’re not up for a little DIY Fun, I thought I’d talk a little more in depth about our process. Also, if you’ve already decided to use a padded hanger (yay!) I want to make sure you know why Hangerbee is the best choice for your garments.

Our clothing hangers have either a wood or a polypropylene base, which we pad with artifact-safe polyethylene padding and resin-free polyester batting. The hangers are then covered in cotton or polyester (coming soon!) stockinette and are all tied and hand-sewn for our signature look.

IMG_8884 (1).jpg

All of the materials have been carefully sourced to make sure the hanger and its design are safe to hang a garment on for a long time. Polypropylene and polyethylene are inert plastics that will not degrade. (These are not to be confused with polystyrene, which is not stable and should be avoided at all costs.) Polyester is also safe to use, and each hanger is wrapped with “needle-punched” polyester batting, which contains no resins or glues. Resins and glues can damage fabric over time – and we certainly don’t want them anywhere near your garments.

Our hangers are wrapped with a tight stockinette that holds the hanger’s shape and creates a smooth, streamlined look. Then we tie the ends and sew the top and BAM! A perfectly padded Hangerbee hanger. I hope you appreciated this detailed look at all the specially-sourced materials we use in our premiere padded hangers. Even though Hangerbee hangers might not be the sexiest item in your closet (and for your sake I hope it isn’t) we’re sure proud of them.

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