Small Closet Makeover Reveal

Small Closet Makeover Reveal

As the founder of Hangerbee®, of course I’m a big fan of our products. Afterall, Hangerbee padded clothing hangers aren’t just for museum collections and fashion designers. Our hangers can be found in closets across the country. Unfortunately for me however, I have a very small closet. For someone who makes hangers for a living, it’s comically small. If a professional home organizer saw the space I was working with, they’d probably run out to the store and come back with a bunch of those super slim, space-saving hangers that look nice but are too thin to properly support anything.

A few years ago my husband and I redesigned our tiny closets and added a very basic Rubbermaid closet system. We were able to easily customize our closets to our needs and use the space more effectively. But still, I always wondering what my little closet would look like filled with my sweaters, blazers, and dresses hanging from my large, padded hangers.

Also, I might add, my mini closet had turned into a major disaster. The time had come, I was afraid, to dredge the lake and see what might emerge. So, I began emptying the closet, item by item. First of all, I was shocked at how much stuff actually fit in there. Hmm, I thought. If all of this can fit in the closet and still be functional, I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to add some wider hangers.

For my closet I chose to use all shaper hangers. These hangers have a polypropylene core and are contoured to mimic shoulders more than the wooden core hangers, which have a flatter profile. While both styles offer ample support and are safe for long-term storage, if I have to choose, I usually opt for the shaper hangers. Also, as a point of reference, I am a size M/L and the vast majority of the hangers in my closet ended up being size mediums. I think I only used one or two smalls and one or two larges for my entire wardrobe. However, if I had a lot of wide neck or off-shoulder garments, I would have needed wide hangers to accommodate the neckline.

So how did the project turn out? To be perfectly honest, a lot better than I had thought! I was able to get all my clothes into the closet without any problem and I even included a few items that I rarely wear just for the sake of photos (my daily life doesn’t really involve that many blazers, for example, so some of them are usually packed away.) As I dressed the hangers, I did notice the ill-effects of having clothes on thin hangers for so long. I had hanger creases on the shoulders of my suits, and my dresses seemed to be too smooshed together. By adding Hangerbee hangers, my garments were not only properly supported but were properly spaced, too.

As a bit of an epilogue, I wanted to come clean and say that in the few months since the closet re-do, I have added some regular plastic hangers back into my closet repertoire. I mean, let’s be honest - I like to hang some of my T-shirts and sweatshirts and they don’t necessarily need star treatment. But my sweaters, blazers, and dresses are on Hangerbee hangers for the long haul. My sweaters in particular look fantastic. I am so glad I finally took the time to reorganize the closet from top to bottom. If your closet is not quite ready for HGTV, I highly suggest you do the same.

So yes, as the old commercial went, I’m not only the president and I’m also a client. And while this post is obviously biased, customers have shared similar experiences over the years so I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. If you’d like to give your closet the Hangerbee treatment and aren’t sure which style or size is best for you, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

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