Let There be Color!: Introducing Padded Hangers in Many Colors

Let There be Color!: Introducing Padded Hangers in Many Colors

Hangerbee Padded Hangers in Red Pink Purple Blue

After almost seven years, Hangerbee is getting more colorful! Is your closet looking drab? Are you like my husband and only wear white dress shirts everyday? (Disclaimer: that was before Covid. Now that he’s working from home he wears sweats. But his shirts are still patiently waiting for him in the closet.)

Do you need a splash of something extra when you look in your closet in the morning?


Do you need to claim some hangers as your own so they don’t somehow disappear into some other family member’s closet, forcing you to scavenge for hangers the next time you do laundry?

Do you want your coat closet to look so chic, that your (Covid-vaccinated) dinner guests ooh and ahh with your unique level of glam as you coyly take their coats and bat your eyes as they overwhelm you with compliments?

Do you own a boutique or showroom and need a classy or flashy addition to your product display?

Or maybe you just want a perfectly padded hanger that will not only preserve your clothes but will also make you smile.


Well do we have the hangers for you.

Yes, yes we do. That was a statement, not a question.

After almost seven years (and 10,000+ hangers sold), Hangerbee has gone over the rainbow and has landed in the closet from Oz.

I blame that last statement on a big cuppa over-caffinated coffee.

Anyhow, Hangerbee hangers now come in NINE different colors. That’s right! Eight sizes and nine colors! Our original style, in unbleached cotton, is being joined by hangers wrapped in a tight polyester stockinette. They are now available in: Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue/Teal, Purple, Hot Pink, and Light Pink.

So whether you’re looking for something extra classy (my fave is the black) or extra fun (hot pink!) or something that coordinates best with your favorite items (ex. white for a wedding gown, gray for military attire, or a light pink for a favorite ballet recital costume), Hangerbee has a hanger for that.

Be sure to hop on to our Instagram and Facebook pages for plenty of colorful hanger eye-candy. Which are your favorites?

Thanks to Amber at 5West Photography for the images!

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