Well Hung (with Hangerbee Hangers) Large Sticker

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NOTE: Hangerbee is moving to Philadelphia! We will be completely packed/in transit from 6/23 through the 4th of July weekend. Work will resume after the holiday. Since most of our hangers are made to order, shipping delays will most likely extend to mid-July. Thank you for your patience. - Lindsey


Ooh we're getting a little cheeky here at Hangerbee.

But, I mean, it's the truth. Make sure your clothes are Well Hung with Hangerbee.


This 3" sticker is a great conversation starter and it looks cute, too.

It's perfect for your laptop, day planner, or where ever you want to stick it.

Remember to tag us in your social media posts! We love seeing "Hangerbee in the wild." #Hangerbee

Enjoy. :)