Ultraviolet (UV) Light Detecting Beads - multicolor

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Our new Ultraviolet (UV) Light Detecting Beads are perfect for anyone curious about light!

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye but its radiation causes more damage to objects than visible light. It is important to monitor and limit the amount of UV light in your museum, gallery, and home.

Place the small jar containing 26 multicolor beads in a place of interest, and watch for the beads to change color. The darker the colors, the higher the UV exposure. Use our Beads to test your home, workspace, exhibition gallery, museum storage areas, and more. The small container is an unobtrusive addition to an exhibition case or bookshelf.

The beads make a great, portable science experiment too!

Each 1.5" plastic, screw-top container contains 26 beads of varying colors. All beads change colors. The darker the color, the higher the UV exposure. (Pink & purple beads appear to be more sensitive than the blue & yellow beads.)

Each container comes with a convenient cotton storage bag and an instruction card. If your beads change color, we recommend obtaining a light meter to gather more measurable data.