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DIY Padded Hanger Kits

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Save money and have fun by hosting a “Hanger Bee”!

Our NO SEW kits are perfect for museum staff and volunteers. This Hangerbee Kit comes with enough pre-cut supplies to make ONE DOZEN (12) padded hangers (except for the Combo Kit, which includes six of each size)

Please note: our Hangerbee Kits are only available in natural/cotton & wood.

What's Included:

12 sturdy wooden hangers with chrome hooks

12 pre-cut pieces of artifact-safe polyethylene piping

12 pre-washed, pre-cut pieces of 100% polyester, resin-free batting

13 pre-washed, pre-cut pieces of 100% cotton stockinette

Instruction guide with photos

Please note - scissors are required for one little snip per hanger. Hangerbee strives to create a stable, affordable and streamlined product that you can trust.

Due to inflation and supply shortages, we had to raise our prices in January, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience.