Padded Hangers and Hanger Bumps

Padded Hangers and Hanger Bumps

Do padded hangers prevent shoulder bumps?


Padded hangers are a must-have for every closet. They support and protect heavy garments by evenly distributing the weight across the shoulders. But even lightweight garments benefit from padded hangers. Have you ever put on a dress shirt or sweater and noticed little bumps popping up from your shoulders?


That is not a fashion trend I want to start. Also, poor hanger support can damage fabric over time, making your favorite blouse look prematurely worn out.

There are a lot of padded hangers for sale out there. And they’re all better than the dreaded wire hanger <shudder>. Here are a few things to look for when sourcing padded hangers:

·       Make sure the padding isn’t a afterthought. They should be “perfectly padded” to support the entire shoulder.

·       The hanger should be made from materials that are safe for long-term hanging. You don’t want something that will deteriorate or break in just a couple years.

·       Shameless plug for Hangerbee: Most retail hangers only come in one or two sizes – people (and clothing) don’t. Our hangers come in eight sizes and two styles to make sure you always get a perfect fit. This is especially important for extra-small and extra-large garments.

·       Have you ever broken a hanger because your coat/gown/suit is too heavy? Or maybe the hook gets stretched out or falls off? Oof. I’ve had all of that happen to me more than once. Look for strong hangers, especially for heavy coats and dresses.

So what if your garment already has hanger bumps when you buy it, or when you dig your favorite sweater out of the back of the closet for fall? (Oh no!) Never fear; all is not lost. Smooth them out or iron them if needed, and they should be fine. But to avoid further damage (and extra work), hang it on a padded hanger, Your clothes, your wardrobe budget 😉, and your iron will thank you.

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